Red Latina Media

Because we want you to do something others do not know how to do well and get ahead of the game.

Red Latina Media

Because we know how to create the right message and how to deliver it the best way in every case.

Red Latina Media

Because we know where to focus your efforts, your message will reach your target audience and will translate into a profit.

Who are we?

Red Latina Media is a company that understands the need for a better and more effective communication to reach out to Hispanics in the U.S. Red Latina Media has partnered with Sports Media and with the goal of offering an integrated solution to those companies that want to reach the Hispanic audience.

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Our team

Maria Luisa Fuller
President & Founder

With more than 16 years of marketing and advertising experience, Maria Luisa has successfully worked in the industry and served clients in Latin America and the US.

Her experience in the Media Industry includes sales and management positions at TV Networks, cable companies, publishing groups, radio groups, and most recently at Telemundo – NBC Universal in the Bay Area.

Maria Luisa’s has worked with local clients such as San Francisco Parks Conservancy, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, NorCal Honda Association, and multinational brands such as Symantec, Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Mayo Clinic, to name a few.

Her expertise includes facilitating and coordinating the overall strategy of the client’s communications and cultural efforts toward increasing sales, market shares, and brand awareness, to mention a few.

Previously, she worked in a variety of fields with a focus on non-profit management, arts, and education.

Maria Luisa graduated from ULACIT with a BA with an emphasis in Marketing and Advertising. Originally from Costa Rica, Maria Luisa is a mom of two girls and resides in San Francisco, CA.

Yersan Urena is founder and president of, a successful company that has served clients from all around the world for over 15 years.

Over a decade in the media and digital industries have provided him and his team with a broad experience in traditional mediums, product development, branding, production, and a great understanding of the digital, technical, and social media worlds. has a varied portfolio, from international brand names to legal firms, restaurants and startup companies; all around the world. Their services include Web hosting, Web design, social media management and content creator, graphic and animation, to mention a few.

Yersan Urena Associate Partner

What do we do?

At Red Latina Media we develop and implement creative concepts of great impact, by utilizing traditional media and digital marketing.
Our goal is to facilitate integral communication between companies and potential clients in the Hispanic Market. Hispanics in the US want native Spanish messages that reflect their culture. Let us do that for you.

Branding and Advertising

Branding and Advertising

  • Do you need to start from scratch or give your brand a new look? Red Latina Media will create and produce an effective campaign to meet your expectations and the market’s needs.
Communications & Creative

Communications & Creative

  • At Red Latina Media we understand your need to deliver the right message. We do not translate but talk to our community in a familiar and effective way.
Media buying and planning

Media buying and planning

  • We use our RED (network) and negotiation skills to your benefit. We can go from creating a concept and logo to placing your campaign and help you track your results.
Digital & Social Media

Digital & Social Media

  • Through, a company with more than 15 years of experience working with clients all over the world. Among our costumed-made services are digital media creative, mobile applications, social creative, website design, development and hosting, and technology integration. No matter where you are in the digital world, we can connect you with the fastest growing population in the US, grow your business, and expand your services while generating revenue.

Why do we do it?


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